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You’ve all probably heard the real estate saying:   Location, Location, Location.  I want to talk a little about that with you today.

When looking for a new home, the first thing you’re going to do is write out a wants and needs list. With that list, Think about what’s important regarding the location?  Is it your commute to work, maybe the school district, or possibly proximity to your social circle.  Where do neighborhood amenities fit into your list.  Is a high walking score important to you or do you want to feel away from it all?  Have these discussions with everyone involved with the purchase.  You may not agree, but at least you’ll know where everyone stands.

You need to speak to a lender to get preapproved.  Online calculators are fine for a ball park idea, but that ballpark is HUGE and if you’re getting serious, you need to go through the process and get preapproved. 

When looking at a neighborhood, notice the things you won’t be able to change.  Does it have easy access to major thoroughfares?  Are there noise pollutants nearby (airports, freeways, things like that).  Where’s the closest grocery store? 

Have open and honest communication with your Realtor about your priorities and concerns.  This will help them in showing you homes in neighborhoods that best fit your needs.

Don’t be afraid to stalk neighborhoods.  Check them out at different times of day and night.  You want to make sure you feel comfortable and safe.

If schools were your high value item check out

If the walk score is important to you check out  .         And remember, your Realtor is your partner in this process.

FHA Buyer? No FHA Approved Condo? No Problem

Expected To Announce This Week!

   US Department of Housing and Urban Development has released updated guidelines to allow Non-FHA condo complexes to receive single-unit approvals.  Or what some people still call "spot-approvals".  Why should you care?  "Condominiums are often the most affordable option for first time home buyers, small families, and those in urban areas," said NAR President John Smaby.  He continued with "This ruling, which culminates years of collaboration between HUD and NAR, will help reverse recent declines in condo sales and ensure the FHA is fulfilling its primary mission to the American people".

In other words, good news for those buyers without a large downpayment, FHA loans require 3.5% of the purchase price, or some credit score challenges.  This change will allow buyers using FHA loans more inventory options when searching for a new home.  And home ownership grows and strengthens our communities, but more on that next time.

If your considering taking the next step in your living situation, give me a call today.  Let's take that next step together.

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